We are proud to announce that we have just installed a brand spanking new 12 colour Canon Inkjet powered by an EFI RIP. Was there something amiss with the previous Epson and Kodak Matchprint RIP, one might ask? Not at all. The proofs could be aligned to any printing specification globally such as FOGRA39, GRACoL or SWOP3 and 5 or JapanColor. All proofs were measured and certified to be within ISO tolerances (ISO 12647-7) as they were being output. So why a new proofing system?



Inkjet proofers have come a long way in the last few years, and the RGB (Red, Green and Blue) extra inks in our new proofer dramatically increases the gamut or colour-range that is possible. Pantone colours that were impossible to reproduce before such as Pantone 021 Orange or Pantone Reflex Blue are now possible to accurately simulate on a proof.


Hexachrome separations using CMYK+OG (plus orange and green) now proof accurately as does the new “Expanded Gamut CMYK” printing specification known by it’s wildly exciting name of CGATS21-2-CRPC7. Of course, with neon (fluorescent) colours and metallics there are limits—these colours cannot be printed by any proof printer today.