Collaborating For Colour Excellence

We enjoy working together with our partners in the various graphics businesses we serve to make colour more predictable, repeatable and with the greatest colour gamut that a process will allow. This collaboration makes us more effective, from input of images to output for superior final colour reproduction results. Working with signage firms for large format printing, photo labs, book publishers, offset printers and newspaper printing plants, the goal is the same: excellence in reproduction quality, reducing waste and increasing profitability.

While we are often asked to work on site, we can also accomplish much of this remotely and offer cost effective solutions to your colour challenges.

Input Profiles: Scanners and Capture of Art for Reproduction
We can create superior profiles for your scanner using both reflective and transmissive IT8 targets. If you are wanting greater smoothness and accuracy for art reproduction, you’ll need a X-Rite Color Checker SG for the best results.

Output Profiles: RGB and CMYK
Coast imaging Arts is proficient at creating ICC profiles to characterize devices that expect RGB files as input. And with 48 years in the business of colour reproduction for offset, flexo, newsprint, we can help you align with print and signage industry “best practices” using G7 methodology combined with contemporary CMYK colour management.

We utilize software by Heidelberg, Monaco, Gretag Macbeth, X-Rite plus a number of other tools to help you achieve the very best of input and output. Lastly, we take the time required to analyze the profiles we produce and create reports to make sure that together we have achieved your colour reproduction goals.

Call us at +1 604 519-6749 or email us at and let us know how we might help with the profiling package that meets your specific needs.





I wanted to let you know that I used the profile that you made for me (the polarized light profile) yesterday in a particularly difficult painting.  There were a lot of sienna’s, reds, yellows all mixed in together on the portrait of this lady.  Your profile nailed it! Thank you again for your help.

I think we have seen some improvements in our papers—The Record in particular is looking very nice these days.  The complaint department has certainly quieted down.  I will send you a sample of a print job we just did that is getting rave reviews.

I’ve found over the years that profiles supplied by Epson for my large format printers can ‘drift’ as the printers age and Ernst Vegt has always rescued me with new profiles. Then I recently acquired a new Epson 11880  which would not print solid black on a particular smooth paper. After testing every other possible variable I asked Ernst to make me a new profile and by that evening I had it installed and giving me perfect results! I recommend Coast Imaging Arts to any professional printer or photographer if they really want 100% accuracy from their profiles.

Thanks for getting that profile to us so quickly.  We’re very pleased with the results. The factory profile was awful in comparison.  Shadows were clipped, skintones were unnaturally saturated, midtones were dark.  Things looked fairly neutral with colour management off, but your profile dials it right in.

I just tried a test print using the Moab profile you prepared for me. I have to say it looks the best I have ever managed in terms of contrast and colour fidelity – so thanks for your help.


Thank you for the icc profiles for our scanner. We have applied them to our images and the difference is amazing. The greens are far more distinguishable and cars that were previously red cars now reflect the original photos color.