Anyone who has ever worked on putting a book together understands that this is not for the faint of heart—it’s definitely not a simple process. However, two accomplished book designers working collaboratively in Vancouver and in Boston have authored the definitive “step-by-step” book on how to typeset and design a book using Adobe InDesign.

Whether you are dreaming of publishing your first book or are accomplished at book design, Book Design Made Simple by Fiona Raven and Glenna Collett promises to become the bible on book design. Book Design Made Simple covers so much more than the basics. From setting up the required software to practical advice and visuals of design and typography, how to obtain an ISBN and create a bar code to sending rock-solid press-ready files to the printer, this 500 page volume is truly a ‘must have’.


About The Authors

Fiona Raven and Glenna Collett are book designers with a combined 60 years of experience. After collaborating on designing books for self-publishing authors, they joined forces to write Book Design Made Simple, a 500-page comprehensive guide to designing and typesetting books for non-designers and designers alike. Fiona has designed hundreds of books for self-publishers, small presses, and first-time authors since 1995, from places as far-flung as Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Tonga. Glenna has designed more than 100 textbooks for large publishers, dozens of self-published books for individual authors, and she also teaches workshops on self-publishing.

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